Unable to upload any new clothings?

Hi! I’ve been making clothings for about two years now, and this my first time running into this problem.

I usually upload clothings in my phone’s browser due to lack of features on my phone (If I’m not on my pc or tablet to upload), but for the past two days, I’ve been unable to upload any new clothes, yet I was able to upload the same files as decals. It never take away my robuxs but it won’t upload or go pass through the upload process.

The error isn’t very helpful either, it only show me a blank red square error too.
The image of the error is shown below.

I’ve tried different browsers, renaming the files, even clearing cookies and using different shirts but no dice. I’m out of ideas of what to do, and I’m not sure if the recent update hurts it or it’s because I’m using a mix of browser and apps.
I haven’t try reinstalling the Roblox app but I am not sure if it could resolve it…any helps would be appreciated!