Unable to Upload Clothing

I have been unable to upload clothing for the past three days (beginning May 7th)

I can enter details as far as:
Create (shirt or pants)
Choose file (I am able to select file)
Upload for 10 Robux
When I click “Confirm” an error message is displayed and the clothing is not uploaded -
“An unexpected error occurred, please try again later”


I have tried uploading without using Chrome extension, I have also updated and restarted my computer, still getting the same error. this had been happening for a few day now on both shirts and pants and group clothing. Very frustrating!


Are you sure it’s the correct size?

Pretty sure it’s not an issue with the size or it would’ve said so.

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Ty for your suggestion but I don’t think size is the issue.
(I’ve been uploading clothing on roblox for nine years and I haven’t done anything different to usual)

Maybe the template is corrupted

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Unable to replicate this, uploaded a shirt without issue just now.

Try double checking that the size isn’t incorrect, make sure you have the robux needed to upload, and that you have permission to upload (if it’s a group) - Yes, you may have been uploading for nine years however we all make mistakes sometimes (I know I have once or twice)

Also, have you had anything different happen that could have affected this? (maybe a group you get funds from got locked randomly one day and you didn’t notice for example)

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roblox, stop trying to get us to spend us robux by uploading test clothing /s

sometimes roblox doesn’t like the filename and thinks it’s inappropriate, maybe change that to something like “shirt.png” and rename it later? you can also try converting it to another file format and then back to png


It’s the same for me, I am unable to reproduce this. Is it still occuring on your side?

TY! I think it was the file name that was causing the problem. After I re-named it the clothing uploaded ok :relaxed:

Try re-naming the file to a different name. This seemed to work for me so hopefully will for you too.

Yes TYSM! I re-named the file and it worked!!!
Also you can test your clothing on mannequins in studio before uploading.


Ok so if the issue stopped occuring I will close the topic. Feel post on forum for any other problems u encounter in the game and we will try to help you! Thanks for the report!


Thank you for your help, much appreciated!

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