Unable to upload localization sheet with duplicate source strings

The localization tools plugin in Studio does not allow duplicate source strings that are tied to separate keys to be uploaded. This is a bug because it’s a limitation stopping me from allowing translators to set different terms based off context.

In the screenshot I have my example Go strings mapped to different keys; in one case it can mean teleporting across the map, in another it is used to indicate you can start driving in a race. Any label that uses this text has AutoLocalize disabled as well.

Upon uploading, I get this error:

This occurs regardless of upper/lower casing.


This is exactly what the context field is for. Is there a reason you’re leaving it blank but filling in the example column? If you copied the values from the example column to the context column, it would allow you to upload.

I had no idea that’s what context field does. Can the output warning be changed to mention that? Also the Location field never gets populated in any sheet I’ve downloaded.

I can put a ticket in for that. I think maybe some extra hinting when the context is blank because the current message is pretty clear that it’s only checking for key and context for uniqueness. I have no idea what Location is for… I don’t see it called out in the docs

Location is referenced under the main Cloud Localization Table page heading

Otherwise, this all does make sense and not too much of a bug. If the thread could be closed that would be great

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