Unable to upvote a game I played

When trying to upvote, (and i’m going to assume downvote) a game that I played about 2 months back the website is not permitting me to do so giving me the error message that I must play the game in order to vote on it.

This bug happens on the roblox website, i’m currently on safari (the browser, if that wasn’t obvious :stuck_out_tongue: )

This bug, I first noticed today, however I had never tried to upvote a game I played 2 months ago before.

Screenshot of me getting the error message:

Me owning this badge is proof that I have played the game.

Link to game:

Time of testing:

Around 11pm GMT

How to reproduce:
Play a game
Wait a time frame (here its two months but the cutout may be shorter, this I have not tested.)
Try to upvote / downvote a game

For obvious reasons this isn’t really practical was to test / reproduce the bug however this is just how the bug happened for me


This isn’t really a bug, it is a feature that Roblox has after 1 month of not playing the game or liked/disliked it, it resets and you have to play it again.


A bug by definition is unexpected behaviour, this error message reinforces that this is infact a bug since from a user perspective I am being told I have never played the game.


Roblox should update the message, but not the functionality

A game can change a lot in a month or two, and you should have to play the game again before being able to vote


This is missing several pieces of information on your repro (e.g. the game you tried this on (incl a link), what time exactly you tried this at, etc). This might help them reproduce / track down the issue.

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I dunno about that, might be a bug, might not. However, I do know for sure every once in a while roblox forgets you played a game. In my old account, (which was made back in 2011) I used to play a really cool rpg game, and i quit that account until I got it back on early 2018, to play that game, and I wasn’t able to upvote it. So it’s most likely not a bug.

Will gather this information, sorry but I did and still proberably do consider it irrelevant to tracking down the issue since as can be seen on replies this has been encounter on several games by several people over several timeframes.

You could possibly save minutes/hours of time on engineering end by spending a few seconds to include it. All the more likely for your bug to be investigated/fixed if you make things as easy as possible, especially since it’s no big deal (it’s literally 10 seconds of work, come on). Even if a bug happens super frequently (but not everywhere), it’s still good to include a repro so they have something to look at and confirm it reproduces.


If this issue affects only certain games, not including which game you had this problem with is robbing engineers of clues that could be the difference between fixed in an hour and fixed in two days.

The bug report requirements are requirements for good reasons and have been audited and partially written by engineers. You are not above them.


I wouldn’t consider this a bug. Despite Nimblz’s game being extraordinarily good (god bless his soul), the Roblox engine only lets people vote if they had played it under one month ago, and I believe this is in place to prevent ‘botting’ likes, even though I am not sure on how this could prevent such things.


None of us knows if this is a defect from the perspective if this behavior was intended or not. It’s routine that customers at the company I work for submit bugs that is reported behavior to be investigated. Once engineering observes the problem, they will ultimately determine if or how this problem gets resolved with an appropriate priority based on the backlog. If so it’s labeled a “defect” and addressed. So let’s not get caught up in semantics.

The problem from a user’s perspective is not friendly at the very least, and better information (in my opinion) should be presented. However since no one knows how this was developed let’s just report it and let the professionals do their job.

This may very well fall under the “negative use case” where this potential outcome from the OP’s use case was not foreseen.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.

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