"Unable to verify you have access to this game" error

I’ve noticed recently that on some games, I’ll get the error “Unable to verify you have access to this game. Please try again.”

Not sure why this is occurring, but this mainly happens on places I own, and it has occurred once or twice on games I don’t own. A simple refresh most of the time resolves the issue.

What’s going on here exactly?



I presume that due to connection issues, not necessarily on your end, this is creating some trouble between your “inventory,” which stores your game accesses, and the game page. Could be slow connection, could be something else.


During the Tuesday release process it was noted that Team Create for new places resulted in a timeout. As a result, the release was rolled back. However, the exact cause of the issue was not identified.

This may be related to the error you are reporting. Can you still verify that this is an issue for you?

It is important to know if the rollback was effective or unrelated.


This happened to be while the site was being reallyyy slow.

Fixed itself an hour or so later.


It happened to me before from a game I was banned from and I thought that they somehow banned me via roblox.

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It’s an issue that occurs very rarely, mainly on my group games or games under my profile.


I am getting this error now on Google Chrome for an iMac


I am getting this same error, it is my own game. I can edit it, but I can’t play it.

It is a group game (I own the group), but no one that works on it can play it at all.