Unable to view entire group store on mobile

Reproduction Steps
Navigate to any group page on mobile, click Store, and then click See All > at the top.

Systems tested on:
iPad Air (4th generation) - Software Version: 14.7.1
iPhone X - Software Version: 14.6

Expected Behavior
Under normal circumstances, I should be able to browse the entirety of the group store page through the Avatar Shop menu and try on clothing.

Actual Behavior
Instead, I am brought to the Recommended tab of the Avatar Shop and the group store page is nowhere to be found.

Visual Aids: Screenshot 1 depicts landing on the group page on iPhone, and screenshot 2 depicts what happens upon pressing “See All >”.

This prevents players from searching for clothes/trying on clothes within a group on mobile. In addition, if you click on one of the clothing pieces from the store menu on Screenshot 1, clicking back redirects you to the Recommended page on the Avatar Shop (Screenshot 2) making group clothing shopping on mobile a hassle to perform.

Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Thanks for letting us know, we will look into this.