Unable to visually select an object in 3D space

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open this project:
    Baseplate.rbxl (49.1 KB)
  2. Click on any object in 3D space.

Expected Behavior
When clicking on an object in 3D space, any object under the mouse should be selected.
This would be the intuitive behavior of any software.

Actual Behavior
No object is being selected when clicking on the 3D space.

I have to click on the Explorer window and keep “walking around” using the up and down keys and keep observing in 3D space which object has been selected, and only then can I, for example, delete the object.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

Not a bug, your parts are locked.

Draggers can’t select locked parts via the viewport. You should try looking at your place file more - for example my first thought about this was either “OP doesn’t have a dragger selected or their parts are locked” and it was the latter case. You can unlock all parts too to check:


Oh gosh, sorry, I didn’t know that option.
Thank you!

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