Unable to visually select and move internal elements in Frame

Currently, it seems impossible to visually select and move elements inside the Frame.

If I click on a TextBox, what is selected is the frame:

Here the current project related to the video above:
Baseplate.rbxl (36.8 KB)

How can I easily select and visually move inner elements in Frame?


If you created a frame with Zindex 0,
and created another frame with Zindex 1,
the Frame with Zindex 1 will be selected First, if you click, every single time

and if you put transparency 0, it will be not selectable

Yeah, I put Frames F1 as Zindex1, F2 as 2, F3 as 3, and FA.TextLabel as 4.
Even changing all frames transparencies, I still can’t select the TexLabel directly.
Have you tested?