Unable to wear more than 1 hair asset

Reproduction Steps

Equip a hair asset. Using the Advanced menu, add an asset id for a 2nd hair asset. Attempting to save will show an error saying Failed to save: A maximum of 1 Hair Accessories is allowed.

Expected Behavior

I expect to be able to wear more than 1 hair asset.

Actual Behavior

The error Failed to save: A maximum of 1 Hair Accessories is allowed. appears when saving.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: High
Frequency: Very Rarely
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-18 13:06:00 (-04:00)


Saw some mentions of this on twitter today also. I cannot reproduce this at all however, so either it is a bug, or it is an AB test.

If this is intentional, this is not acceptable for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain; e.g. some UGC is designed to be modular, and cool accessory combinations are impossible if this is intended. There is no benefit to enforcing this, it is completely arbitrary and prevents an unfathomable amount of player expression. Enforce the number of accessories instead, like currently. Hoping this is just a bug.


Seeing Roblox restrict us to wearing one single hair is a step back in the freedom to create our avatars. Being able to wear multiple hair has been a feature Roblox has offered since back in 2010 with the introduction of the Triple Hat Feature, and was possible before then with the Double Hat Glitch. One very popular combo would be the classic headband hair + beautiful hair, and was pretty common for years leading up to the introduction of UGC accessories.

And as @PeZsmistic has already mentioned in their post, some UGC creators have offered players the ability to use modular hair pieces to find a style which represents who they are. It’s now impossible to use these items as intended without third party extensions.

As a UGC creator, this limitation is pretty disappointing. Not only does this hurt the player, but it tells me I should be cautious and restrict my creativity, because an issue like this might suddenly cause a large chunk of my UGC library to break.


Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this issue!

The advanced function of equipping multiple hair items has been disabled temporarily. We are working hard to bring it back with a more delightful experience for users on all platforms.

Sit tight, and stay tuned!


A more obvious and direct way to equip hairs that doesn’t require pasting IDs sounds like it’ll benefit UGC creators and users in general, but not in the short term if the function is disabled for an extended period of time. Do y’all have an ETA on when this function will come back? A few days, a couple of months?


Actually, face accessories have the same issue, and it’s arguably even worse.
For example, you cannot wear Bandit mask and Midnight Shades at once, despite them not conflicting with each other visually at all:


You can wear both the Bandit and the Midnight Shades at the same time, by using the Advanced menu and pasting in the individual item IDs. The button to access it is at the bottom of every accessory tab except for gear. It’s not intuitive, but hopefully sooner or later we’ll have something a little more streamlined, as has been requested for the past couple years.


Huh, didn’t know about that feature, thanks!

If your avatar has more then 1 hair then you can’t actually remove one of these, you have click one of these costumes that you owned so you can your avatar back to normal.

If you wear like 3 hairs or something, the hairs won’t be removed.

Is this an official feature now?

Someone decided to make the Hair accessory type count as layered clothing even though the majority of Hair accessories on the catalog dont have wrap layers

This is proven by

  1. It appears as a layer in network calls to set-wearing-assets
  2. It is in the HumanoidDescription AccessoryBlob which is a JSON string defining layers

It may be possible to override this behaviour using the old v1 set-wearing-assets API, however, I doubt it, and you’ll lose access to layered clothing.


When do you expect the feature to be released?

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But its still down? It’s october now and im still having this issue.


lmao this is still an issue as of now


avatar.-/v2/set-wearing-assets/ doesn’t stop you from wearing multiple hairs. This is only blocked from the avatar editor. If you’re willing to mess with JSON, you can still wear multiple hairs

Here's a step by step guide on how to do it
  1. Select the first hair you want to wear (You’ll need this to grab the response body’s section)

  2. Copy any hairs you want to add into a list (This’ll be important for a later step), for this guide, I’ll add just one

  3. Navigate to the Avatar API

  4. Grab your Avatar’s currently wearing info using the GET /v1/avatar request.

  5. Copy and paste the response body

  6. Navigate to the first hair that you equipped, it will have a section in the JSON like this and can be identified with the HairAccessory string

  7. Copy and paste this for each hair that you want to equip
    7.1 Change the “id” key to the new hair that you want to equip

    (You only need to change id, Roblox wont care about the other keys

  8. Finally, navigate to the POST /v2/set-wearing-assets API and send your new JSON body through the API

  9. And voila: two hairs equipped

TLDR; Remove this arbitrary avatar editor block


cough cough

use btroblox. chrome / firefox

not ONLY does it fix this issue it also makes advanced editing SOOO much easier its absurd. and also fixes a lot of other issues roblox has.

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