Unallowed legit decal on roblox

Hello, im making a game about tower of god and the first floor where the main hero need to pass a test is inside a corridor with ancient greek kind pictures on the wall, there is one of the 3 picture that roblox doesnt allow me to post that is a paint of an old man and i dont see why i cant upload that.wal picture 2 its that picture

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its a bit of a problem since it makes the whole wall empty


and yes i already sent a message to roblox support but i dont think a bot will help me much

Maybe try changing the name of it when adding it.

well its called ancient wall paint 2 its not anything that roblox should lock my account for

Yeah maybe, but I had a image called HealthBar and that got removed, so I changed the name to health and it showed up.

oh ok i’ll try that and see if it works

no it really wont work i have uploaded another decal 5 minutes after the old man paint decal that i reuploaded and roblox dont even show the decal of the old man but the decal of the new picture i have posted already works in studio, atleast my account isnt getting locked but really …

this roblox moderation is way too high considering that the minimal age that roblox allow the player to use it is 13 years old in general

i got an idea i’ll just try to modify the image slightly and make it so roblox cant recognize whats on it then i’ll try to repair the modification on studio

i have just done a rotation of the picture of 90° and it worked xD welp ty for the idea TheDCraft

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