Unanchored model with HingeConstraints appears in wrong place after rejoin


When Player1 has network ownership on a model with HingeConstraints and moves it by changing HingeConstraint properties, Player2 sees it in a different place after rejoining the server. The same could be said for new players joining the server (assumption)


  • Filtering Enabled
  • Unanchored mobile model with hinges
  • Join server with 2 players

How to reproduce:

  1. Start server
  2. Join with 2 players: Player1, Player2
  3. Set network owner of mobile to Player1
  4. Player1 locally controls mobile’s hinge motors or servos so it moves to a different place
  5. Player2 rejoins
  6. Player2 sees mobile in its initial place, while Player1 sees it normally
  7. Player1 moves mobile again
  8. Player2 sees mobile move into its right place

Hacky fix:

When a player joins:

MobileModel.PrimaryPart.Velocity = MobileModel.PrimaryPart.Velocity + Vector3.new(0, 0.2, 0)

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