Unanchored parts on the client dont move?

So I did some research and I’m aware that unanchoring parts on the client wont work unless they were inserted on the client but even when I insert them on the client and unanchor them they dont move at all. I believe this is because the parts are extremely far away. You may ask “Well why do u care if unanchored parts dont get simulated from far away?” I have a cut scene in my game that unanchors parts and the camera is panned far off for this cut scene. Any solutions?

Is there any problem you’re encountering by doing it on the server?

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Nope no issues on the server at all.

then I recommend making the parts un-anchor on the server side since it usually isn’t effected by the players magnitude or anything. and it’s less hassle if multiple people need to see it. :smile:

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Multiple people need to see it unfortunately so thats not a viable option.

if multiple need to see it at the same time you should use a server sided script to prevent any delay or anything… :person_standing:

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Oh no I meant multiple people will see it but not at the same time. Basically in the main menu of my game theres “data slots” when you purchase an extra data slot it shows a lock on a door being broken off (and it gets unanchored along with a chain)

ahh I see! well in that case you could maybe use a server script to clone the lock and un-anchor, or you could try to find fix with the local script.

may I see your original local script snippet if you mind?

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Sure. If I did it on the server however other clients would see it even though they aren’t purchasing a slot. This is an example of what the door looks like:

Worse case I could tween the lock to just fall but I prefer the physics of it hitting the floor.

Code snippet:

local door = MenuScene:FindFirstChild("Door"..newSlot)
			local chains = door.Chains:Clone()
			local lock = door.Lock:Clone()
			lock.Parent = door
			chains.Parent = door
			activeCameraTween = tweenService:Create(CurrentCamera,TweenInfo.new(1),{CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(door.PrimaryPart.Position + door.PrimaryPart.CFrame.lookVector*25,door.PrimaryPart.Position)})
			for i,v in pairs(chains:GetChildren()) do
				if v.Name == "Link" then
					v.Anchored = false
			lock.PrimaryPart.Anchored = false

how far is it from the player model? is there any way you can make a room for each player? although it may effect performance a smudge it seems more practical.

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Its more than just a hallway theres a massive palace too that the camera flies into. I’d rather keep it as is. Theres no way I can make the unanchored parts move even from afar?

I don’t quite know that much about local part physics. I’m very sorry.

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Its alright I appreciate you taking the time to try and help!

Can I see the explorer, and the contents within lock?

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the weld constraints are welding the top and the keyslot to the body of the lock. (yes the keyslot and top are unanchored as it works fine on the server when unanchored)

Oh I just found something out! Setting the lock as the replication focus makes the unanchored physics work ONLY on the lock however and not the links of the chain or any other nearby unanchored parts.

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I found 2 useful sources:

Apparently u can wake up parts by constantly setting the velocity OR having a vectorforce inside. Well I tried both and they did not work (assuming this is because they are client sided parts)

Also may be important to note my game uses streaming Enabled although Idk if that has anything to do with this issue.

Turns out the reason ReplicationFocus wasn’t working was because the part I was setting was unanchored. Setting ReplicationFocus onto an anchored part fixed the issue for me! Thanks to everyone who tried to help

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