[UNAVAILABLE] looking for developer, or developers

About the project

Hello there. Bleach Rising Spirit/Souls online ( the name will change a lot so dw)
is a game based on known anime/manga called “Bleach”. It’s suppossed to be a remaster of another game “Bleach Primera” that already exists on roblox , but is closed for the public. As remaster i want it to take basic concepts and somemechanics/styles from that game , except i don’t want it to be a fully copy. I want it to have better visuals , optimalization and way more content. Some mechanics might change like shikai, bankai obtaining , forms for hollow race , but the most basic mechanics like
combat system will stay similar to bleach primera.

The Team
@Blacklq3 - jack of most trades.
@BaconMarine - modeling/animating/building etc

@you - jack of most trades
@you - modeler
@you - scripter
@you - animator
@you - vfx creator

The project is very long term. Of course the faster development goes the release time will change, but
i’m not rushing the project. We have a lot of time.

About development

I’m in need of either a triple - partner developer that have decent knowledge in most
development fields and decent-high knowledge in most important fields for this game:
coding and modeling, or an entire team of developers. If you’re only skilled in
one field , but you still want to develop then please contact me. If i will get an entire
team i will hire everyone , just that you will have to wait once team is completed.

the skills that are most needed for the game development:

  • scripting
  • modeling
  • animating
  • be friendly

Some sneaks for the game:





Percentages around 20-30% , depenting if you’re scripting and mesh making, else if it’s just
animating,building, or only scripting / only modeling then payment will at first be around 1k robux
per some work ( we will discuss ) and will raise the more you do and the closer we are to release of
game (4-5k robux) group payout.


  • here on developer forum
  • discord: Blackl#4059

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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