Unbelievable and annoying bug in studio

Ok, so hello there.

Lately everytime im using terrain builder on Studio, and building/laying out the map, Studio crashes out of nowhere, worst part? it never saves the work. So its all lost for nothing. THIS IS ANNOYING, and im not sure if im the only one experiencing this issue on studio.


Are you sure it’s not your device? I don’t seem to have any problems with it

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The only solution seems to be manually saving every single time, but its still annoying, appreciate though!, my device is alright, but studio is just acting up

It may be an issue with your Studio being glitched.
Try to uninstall and reinstall Studio and let us know if that fixes the crash problem.

I was encountering the same issue a few months ago on my laptop (2020 MacBook Pro).

The issue seemed to solve itself after a few days, so I’m under the impression that it was a computing power issue on my end.

If you’re encountering crashing issues, first submit a Studio Bug Report with all the necessary information.
Then, enable team create; you do not have to add anyone to enable this feature. TC automatically saves to the cloud, so it’s a good way to ensure any progress made isn’t lost.

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Your PC (Personal Computer) May be experiencing something called as Throttling. Roblox Studio is putting a lot of load and your Computer’s GPU/CPU which causes it to crash before your whole PC crashes and probably Blue Screens. Best thing you could do is to Lowering your Studio Graphics or/and reinstalling Studio completely as so_fx said it might fix itself or after a Studio Update. Goodluck and hopefully this helped!

Share your computer specs. @OP

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