Unbinding preset keys: How?

How do you unbind preset keys with ContextActionService?
I’ve used actionService:UnbindAction("moveFowardAction")(trying to unbind the W key for my 2d platformer)
How do you unbind these keys to make way for other keys?

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Perhaps it’s not working because the action is called “moveForwardAction” and not “moveFowardAction”


Ah yes, the dreaded spelling mistake. Thanks for noticing that…
But that’s apparently not the solution…

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I’ve just tried game.ContextActionService:UnbindAction("moveForwardAction") and it worked as expected.

I’ve been experiencing this: It works for the first few seconds (and by that I mean 1) but then it’s back to normal. Probably because the player doesn’t have focus.

For anybody who needs it, here’s the binds for W:

(does Core signify a different way to unbind (or that you can’t)?)