Unboxing Simulator Remake

Hi Developers, Players and community of Devforums
Today i want to reveal my newest work - Unboxing Simulator Remake!

Cash is main currency you will use in-game to progress through upgrades!As of now cash is kinda unusefull, but i will make few ways to spend it on!

Next big feature of my game is only-studio built maps!Seriously,look how cool it looks!I made in only with parts in roblox studio and 1-2 custom made meshes!

World 1: City

World 2: Toy World

World 3: Winter Wonderland

World 4: Volcano Walley

Thats all worlds for now (more worlds will be added soon)

Next: Boxes
Look how cute boxes are:

Each box has unique texture in it based on world theme:
Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6

When breaking boxes, player makes them smaller:
And in final stage box breaks!

Thanks to those who checked whole thread! Love you all, more to come soon!
Check my Twitter for more detailed leaks (@NarekRblx)


Wow, this is a very neat idea, and as for the trends of roblox, it’s very hopeful too! I hope to see you on the front page. My only criticisms are that you used some very bright colors and a lot of the scenery is kind of bland (not saying I can do any better) but so far it’s looking good. The boxes definitely are something.

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Thanks for opinion! Will try to make everything better!
Also i think that i want to change box opening system, but that will be other thread))