Unclear error trying to upload a .gif as thumbnail


Uploading a .gif as thumbnail throws an error when it’s opened.

The error occurs everytime I upload the .gif shown below.

You can reproduce the bug by entering Studio > Game Settings. Then go down in ‘Basic Info’ until you find ‘Screenshots & Videos’. Then hit the big plus with the darker surroundings to be able to upload a gif.

Once the file’s opened, it throws the error shown above.

This error occurs in Studio, doesn’t matter which place it is. As long as it’s been published.
I only found out just now that it was possible to upload .gifs so I don’t know exactly when this error started rising but I made the first attempt at 13:11:35 ( HH:MM:SS | +1 UTC ) as shown in the Output above.


Can’t you just convert it to something else like PNG or JPG (high quality)? Roblox probably thinks that it’s an animated .GIF and refuses to load it.


Ohhhh I thought that animated .gifs were a thing now haha.
It is an animated gif I tried to upload.


They are not, but the bug here is that the error message isn’t descriptive enough. It should tell you more clearly that the file you are trying to upload is not supported for thumbnails. (edited the title)