Uncollapsing Code Requires Above Code Uncollapsed

When collapsing (minimizing, whatever the word for it is) segments of code, such as a function or if statement, the code can only be uncollapsed (maximized?) if all the code above it is uncollapsed as well.

To reproduce this bug: take a segment of code, collapse a portion near the top, collapse a portion below it, then attempt to uncollapse the portion below. In the example below, onHumanoidDied cannot be uncollapsed until tryDamage is.


This bug was first noticed Monday. Not sure how long it’s been around, as most of the devs I talk to rarely use the collapse feature.

This happens in studio on windows 10. Haven’t looked into it on other machines. As always, reply if any additional information is required. I’ve omitted a test place as the bug has been reproducible in a fresh place.


There have been a few posts in the past about inconsistent and buggy code folding behavior. I have reported this internally. Thank you.