Uncopylocking my 4 game projects because they suck

Hello, I’ve decided to open source 4 of my projects to the public, since I’ve gotten demotivated to work on them.

Tin’s Difficulty Chart Obby:

this game is bad its a mess idk what you can do with it

FPS Framework Showcase:

my take at making an fps system, it works but the code is kinda messy. I lost motivation to work on it

Sword Fight:

not your average dumb sword fight free model game, this was the first demo of the fps framework showcase game

Terrain Generation:

my friends dared me to make a perlin noise terrain with a grid so i did

do whatever the hell you want with these games i don’t care about em


I tried opening the terrain place on my phone, but the Roblox app crashed and reloaded.

Maybe I’ll try on the laptop later.

It is easy to get demotivated, I don’t know how Roblox compares to other platforms, but in my opinion it can be quite complex to create stuff on Roblox.

Nice of you to open source the things you made. :blush: Thumbs up.

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The terrain generation settings are pretty high, so you getting a crash isn’t really a surprise. Mess around with the settings module when you get on your laptop.

HELL YEAH !! tin is the best, thank u for sharing !!

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thanks ! can u provide me with the methods to copy the stuff ?