Uncopylock/Provide Files for Example Places

All places linked in the Education Hub should be uncopylocked or have downloadable place files.

There exists example places which are linked in the Education Hub, such as the Example Obstacle Course found in this article, that are neither uncopylocked nor have a downloadable place file.

Reasons that uncopylockization/the ability to download places would be helpful include:

  • Customization of a place to suit the educator’s needs
  • A private experience without the risk of outsiders (when you are unable to create private servers)
  • Using a place file as a tool to teach students how to use Roblox Studio

Many of the example places linked in the Education Hub already are uncopylocked or have a downloadable file, however I feel that all places linked should be editable.

Screenshots of the Example Obstacle Course in an article and on the Roblox Website