Uncryonized (Showcase)

I’m making a Sci-Fi build using my modelling skills that I have picked up over the past 8 and a half months. I have a few screenshots of the build, and a link to the showcase below.

Here’s the link to the showcase:


The showcase is not finished yet, but I would like to see people will gauge it in terms of quality.


It’s pretty good. The music gives a nice feel to the game. I would suggest making it a little bit darker, if you want the sci-fi spacey feel.


This looks amazing!! Very clean, sleek sci-fi feel. The music is great too, really makes me love the showcase more.
One thing I noticed that could be fixed:

The flooring looks broken up.

Otherwise, I could listen to that music all day. I just might :wink:


I really like the room designs, and the music has a nice, Sci-Fi touch. It really brings an amazing decoration inside and the feels on the style brings an excellent concept. Since the showcase is in currently development, I can’t wait to see the final touch as a results!

Great job, and I wish you luck on your showcase. :grin:


This is really good! Some suggestions are

  • Add more neon parts
  • For the jet, the neon is too dark, and expand the neon parts.

That will make it more realistic. Well done!


I’ll be able to fix it when I have the time to. Thanks for the feedback and for the compliment!


I’ll work on the lighting a bit more when I can. :happy1:

Very bold and lively. I like it alot man.

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Okay, I’ve fixed the issue!


Looks awesome! How did you make the music?


I had used a DAW named Auxy. It’s only available on iOS.

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Looks pretty good and the music is also very nice!

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Woaaa! This looks so epic! I wish I could build like you! It’s got such a cool Star Wars/Star Trek/Sci-Fi Vibe!

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