Under-Construction Factory is open for roaming!

-You found a posted note

-You read it. It says :

"Welcome to Cogs OS Factory. This place is currently under construction, but is opened anyway in hope for any suggestion spurt from the visitor mouth. Just watch out, you might get injured and we do not have any responsibility for that. Otherwise, have fun in your tour


~ FatFitFut, The founder of Cogs OS Factory"

-You threw the paper and enter the building.

~ The game description

After a lot of hard time, overcoming the hard wave of laziness and procastinating, lot of self-protest, and mindjuice session. I’ve finally make Cogs OS Factory a lot better than the previous one since i posted a feedback post. Of course this does mean that the factory is not yet done. But overall. This place is 76% done! (Not counting the process where i put the props) yay.

Here i am, posting another feedback thread to see where i can improve the place. However, the word ‘unfinished’ does mean that there is something that i have in my mind but haven’t implemented yet because of capability limit. So here’s the list that i have in mind so that you don’t waste your time suggesting something that was in my mind and is going to be implemented anyway.

  • Door
  • Prop (Item, furniture, and decorations. However, you can suggest what kind of item that i should put in this factory.)
  • Something outside the factory. (Exception for the observatory. You can comment on that.)
  • “Staff only” hallway
  • Errr. Womer bathroom are empty. Sorry for the inconvenience. But for woman, please refer to the boy bathroom as your restroom. Avoid mixing though, you may kick all the boy inside for your business.

Several note you might want to know

  • The part of the factory that is right now roamable for you is the exhibition part. Meaning its not the actualy place where someone manufacture something (Hence the name “Factory”). The actual factory place is underground, beyond the “Staff only” area. This note is just to clear out the confussion of the weird thing you might see in there.
  • Some door can be noclipped. Some don’t.

Anyway, here’s bunch of picture :

The game :


this looks amazing!!! good job


Looks good!! Keep up the good work!! :+1:


Looks pretty good, but the picture the second-to-last picture, the one with tables, looks a little empty, even with the tables. Other then that, it looks pretty good. :slight_smile:


Why am I getting Final Fantasy 7 Sninra HQ vibes? Other than that, it looks epic!

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Furniture is not my main focus for right now. But you can suggest what kind of furniture sould i put. Thanks for the feedback