Underground Facility WIP

Hello developers! I haven’t used studio in a while but a few days ago I decided to return to make something with my new skills which I learnt using other 3D programs. I am working on an underground facility, everything you see in the pictures was made from scratch. :alien:


Woah, if it wasn’t for your character I wouldn’t have known this was Roblox.


This looks damn good! Lightning seems good, and the models look good, nice job you did there man, you could make something good out of this

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This is so well made! Good job!

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This underground facility looks VERY GOOD AND REALISTIC! Nice job on it!

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Haha thanks! That means a lot.

hope more future games on roblox begin to look a lot like this, It’s really good nothing i can add that’s not already been said…!

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Hopefully! Thank you very much. :heart:

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :heart:

Thank you very much! I will keep adding more stuff later haha

That means a lot… Thank youuuuuuu :pray: