Underground Temple - [Showcase]

This showcase is a work in progress. I mainly started working on it as have been quite bored.

The development so far has been really enjoyable and working on the game is quite relaxing. It has been fun so far, I want to show it off now.

I have lots to add before it will be anywhere near finished, however this is just the first section of the showcase.


Game link: Hidden Temple of Tarjda - Roblox

All feedback is appreciated!


Wow. Building that is difficult indeed. A very advanced and awesome underground temple!

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It looks fun and seems like it took a lot of time to put into it.

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Looks neat and pretty! I can see you put a lot of effort into it! Love to see it in a game!


very nice build! have you tried to put ores and crystals in there? i think that would look good

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From the screenshots, it looks really pretty, nice work!

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The temple looks very nice on the pictures

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Wow this looks amazing, I like how much detail there is which is great!

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