Underground War Tournament - This weekend and next. [9/1] [FREE TO JOIN, PRIZES, TEAM BASED]

The Underground Warriors are hosting another tournament for the new release of our game:

An expansion of the original Underground War, which maintains the same classic combat style of swords, snipers, and digging, but with more maps, game modes, and upgrades.


Teams (newer ones especially) are always recruiting players of any skill level. Join the group and other socials, ask around, and a captain will find you. There are many balance changes, but beginners usually have no problem adjusting, finding a team, and pulling their weight. If you can use a classic Roblox sword, you will be fine :+1:.
You may end up being benched for your first games if you are playing for a stronger team.

To create a team, just find at least 4 other players that will play for you, then tell the mods on the wall. Make sure to customize your team; Name, Color, Logo, and Outfits will all be used in tournament matches. There is no limit to the players you bring, but after 5 players, the teams must be balanced (3v5, 5v5, 6v6 are legal, 5v7 is illegal and you must bench players to watch from the side until it is 5v5.)

Games are by default 7 EST on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Captains can agree to have them earlier.
Newer teams may be placed against each other in the first rounds to help them out. There may be a losers bracket, or series to start with, depending on the amount of teams.

This tournament’s prize will be 10,000 split.
Matches will be highlighted and recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Group: The Underground Warriorsá… á…  - Roblox
Game: Underground Warfare - Roblox

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