Undersiders Patch Notes

Undersiders Patch Notes: May 12th, 2018 (aka Mid Power Ranger movie)

  • End of Round Kills players now instead of teleporting to the front of the mine.
  • When the mine resets, it will now show as a % at the top of your screen.
  • Confetti when a team wins the round.
  • Leaderboards that show off most money, most kills, and most captures.
  • New victory noise when the flag is captured.
  • NPCs now have a new look!
  • New noises when a player dies or gets hit!
  • Shops are now better optimized.
  • Sell area is now fixed!
  • Added additional exploit protection.
  • Some invisible platforms around the maps have been removed.
  • Dual Pistols equip glitch fixed.|
  • Additional parameters added to the flags to prevent duplication and between round victories.
  • Backpack glitch has been resolved.
  • Returning players no longer will be shown the tutorial.
  • To Surface has been resolved.
  • No longer able to switch teams if the other team has 2 points.
  • Small LoadingScreen Fix
  • Sniper is now fixed!
  • Full Backpack indicator!
  • Ranged weapons now reduce your walkspeed by 2 points, restored once unequipped.

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