Understand 99% of scripts in 1h or less! Learn Luau here

After seeing how people normally create tutorials for programming languages I decided to make something that follows that exact format perfectly.

This is not a guide on how to do a specific action
this is one to do whatever action you want!
Most stuff is in the google slides

If I got anything down wrong or have an suggestion please post it here!
this took around 2 days to make.


Added a part explaining how to create instances and filled in a blank about how modulescripts work and how to network

I’d rather call it “Learn luau syntax” or “Roblox Create Scripting summary”, good contribution.

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Possibly but im working my way towards getting most things you’ll need to know to create roblox games so I don’t think that name would fit well

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Added a poll!

Added a small metatables part

Added code comments to this on slide 10!

Just so you know, exponents are (kind of confusing to explain). Here’s is some examples:

3^2 = 3 * 3
4^5 = 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4
6^1 = 6

Basically, the numbers in bold determine how many times the number in front of it is multiplied by itself.


This is the only tutorial I have ever found useful.

Every tutorial I watch, it just always shows you a specific word, they say what it does, but they don’t explain how to use it, and only this tutorial does.

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Adding on in simpler terms, exponentiation is just repeated multiplication. Unless someone really doesn’t have a basic understanding of math, it’s not confusing.

As for the modulus operator, it just returns the remainder of a division.

Ex: 10 % 2 = 0 because 2 goes into 10 evenly.
Ex: 15 % 4 = 3 because 4 cannot go into 15, but it can go into 12 (your quotient), and 15 - 12 = 3 (aka your remainder).

These can be applied to compound expressions as well.

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Even your examples are wrong buddy…

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im an idiot



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sorry i made a lot of this when i was sleepy

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Redid a lot of the guide
a whole lot

added coroutine library working on task now!

Adding on, little amount of people know this, [=[]=] is a valid multi-line string token aswell:


Also applicable to comments:

This is a function, x, for adding 2 numbers and returning the result
function x(a: number, b: number)
    return a + b

The = is also extensible, just add more = signs between the double [ and ] (make sure both sides have the same amount of =)

Halo apa yang terjadi?
Hi what happenned?

I knew of this things existance but im not sure if it only if that works so I just left it out as its undocumented anywhere

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i only knew this from moonwave/docasourus but a neat thing to know

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