Understanding Camera Manipulation

Hello! In my game and many others, it is hard for me to understand camera manipulation, I want to make cut scene’s like how In super Mario Odyssey, whenever you get to a new world, this happens to the camera.

I have never understand camera manipulation, I want to know

  • How I can manipulate 1 Players camera

  • How I can manipulate multiple or all players camera

  • How can I make cut scenes whenever a player hits a part.

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  1. Customizing the Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation
  2. Post-Processing Effects | Roblox Creator Documentation & How do I manipulate ALL players cameras? - Scripting Helpers
  3. Cutscene Creator

all camera actions need to be done in a localscript

-- when you need to reset the player s camera use this line
workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Custom

set the property CameraType to Scriptable

workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable

use tweenservice

you cant on the server use remoteEvents

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You can do all of these. You can manipulate all players camera using the remoteevent function :FireAllClients (client is another way of saying player). Just make sure you do this all on a local script. NOT a server script!


So where would I put it if Im sending it to all clients?

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I’ll just show you how to via a game file:
Camera test for rando.rbxl (37.5 KB)
If you have any qeustions then don’t be shy to ask them.


A server script would call “FireAllClients()” using a RemoteEvent, the same RemoteEvent in a local script will then have an attached OnClientEvent, event listener which will wait for FireServer() to be called and will then be triggered when it is, then any function which is connected to OnClientEvent will be executed for every player, locally.

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