Cutscene Creator

I’d like to introduce to you the plugin I just made, Cutscene Creator version 1.0. Cutscene Creator comes with a tool to create and configure cutscenes for your creations in Roblox and a script to play them.

She ain’t too pretty, but she gets the job done. You can get the plugin here. Cutscene Creator - Roblox

To use it, once you install the plugin, click the “Setup Cutscene Creator” button.


This will put a folder of events inside Replicated storage as well as a script in PlayerScripts


From there, click “Create New Cutscene”.


That will create a cutscene folder parented to the CutScenes script.

create 2

Name that folder to what you want your cutscene to be named.


Then to set the camera location points, click the “Add Camera Point” button.

This adds a point inside your cutscene.


You can configure each point with the Values inside the new point folder. They are as follows.

Time: The time from 0 - 1 to move the camera. This isn’t a time in seconds, but rather a percentage of time for each RenderStep. So lower FPS will take longer and vice-versa for a higher FPS. If you give this value a 1, then the camera will jump to that location immediately.
Pause: The length in time in seconds to wait at this camera location.
Pos: Camera position (you shouldn’t have to change this)
Look - Camera look vector (you shouldn’t have to change this)

Continue in like manner to add the rest of the points for your cutscene.

Then to run your cutscene in your game, call either the PlayCutscene RemoteEvent from the server or the PlayCutsceneLocal BindableEvent from the client and pass the name of the cutscene you want to play. Here is a server script that plays the cutscene when the player joins.

local playCutsceneEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage.CutscenesEvents.PlayCutscene

local function playIntroToJoinedPlayer(player)
    playCutsceneEvent:FireClient(player, "Intro")


Please do let me know of any feedback you’ve got or suggestions for improvements or bugs that you find. It wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience creating this plugin, considering the tooling in Roblox Studio :sob:, but if this is useful to the community, I’ll probably work on improvements to it.

I’d like to also know of any games you use this tool in!

Happy developing.


Looks great, thanks for this! Will be using it in my upcoming projects.


Coincidentally enough, I’ve been looking for some cutscene plugins for a while now. Most of the ones available are over half a decade old and do not keep up with today’s standards. I’ve given this plugin a test and it works great))

Would love to see more updates, this would be particularly useful for a lot of games!


Seems great to use, since Clonetrooper’s cutscene editor isn’t that functional now. I’ll use this for a project that I have planned!


Ah love it, cutscenes add a lot of meaning to visuals and even for small stuff cutscene add a lot of effect. I am too lazy sometimes to add small cutscenes this plugin will help a lot.


This is very good. Will use it instead of Clonetrooper’s Cutscene editor.

Edit 1: why did you mark this as a solution-


Ha. I must’ve fat fingered it last night and clicked the “Solution” button on accident while I was scrolling.

Thank you for your feedback. I didn’t know that there was already an existing cutscene editor tool out there.

WOW :heart_eyes:. Maybe clean up the UI and yeah.


I recommend making use of DeltaTime so the cutscene takes the same amount of time even if your lagging or have low FPS.


Definitely agree! I plan on tinkering with the time between transitions. Thanks for the feedback!


Thank you. I am contemplating about what to do for a paid version of the plugin. But at the moment, I think the tooling and documentation and workflow for creating plugins really needs a lot of work on Roblox’s part.

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Awesome! I’d love to see what you build with it.

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This looks amazing! I have to try this out.

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I think this plugin might be broken. I followed all the steps but it didn’t do my cut scene. Very weird.

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I’m probably doing it wrong, though I too followed all the steps and my cutscene wouldn’t play either.

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Yea i just recently made one. and it was like a hell of 4 days. i written 2000 lines of code lmao. really roblox allow you to export one single script. so you should make everything using code in 1 script. and the API doesn’t really make things clear about plugins :confused:
Anyway here is the plugin that i created if you’re interested:

And if you’re interested to upgrade the project together for the community, you’re welcome!
You can contact me in discord CodesOtaku#8327
And i appreciate your work because i know exactly how hard it is to make a plugin :sweat_smile:

Dude, your plugin is much better than mine is! It looks nicer and has more features! Well done! Like you, I can appreciate the effort it took to make.

It is quite a shame how little attention Roblox gives to plugin development. The documentation is lacking and the capabilities are terrible. Although I read that they have breakpoint support on the roadmap for this year… so I guess that is something???

I’ll add you on discord, but I’ll be shying away from plugin development for the time being. I’m trying to focus on a game that I’d like to release. I haven’t released a worth-while game, and want to challenge myself to do that.

Great job again on your plugin!


Thank you dude :smiley:, I really appreciate the kind words. Roblox really need to care more about plugin development as you said even the documentation is lacking. And also there is a lot of basic UI features missing like Sliders, RadioButtons, Checkboxes…
However the good news is that we can make our own tools using plugins and modules to speed up development. I’m currently working on new fully costumizable proficient UI classes. and i’ll release them open source in my channel !

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It dosen’t work for some reason I just use Cutscenify cause is easier and it works for me.

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I know that might sound like a mediocre question, but where should I put the script?

*Sorry I’m not the best at programming.

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