Understanding Lua Globals and OOP | 2021 Tutorial

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yea you got some grammar errors here

try this

To Understand This Article You must have Learnt the basics of Lua And It’s Advanced Stuff.

there are other ways to rephrase this, but I hope this helps

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Thanks, Your reply is appreciated.

Here Is A Tip, Don’t Type Like This Because It Is Hard To Read


I understand English is not your first language, it is not mine either, but please don’t redundantly capitalize the first letter of each word.

When writing a tutorial, you should also at least understand the topic you are trying to teach, because a lot of this is just plain incorrect and there are a bunch of redundancies. assert has nothing to do with OOP, out of the metamethods you generally only use __index for inheritance, unless your object is some sort of mathematical object that also requires overloading arithmetic operators and such. Speaking of inheritance, you didn’t even explain the four pillars of OOP! Inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, and encapsulation.

Function/thread environments have nothing to do with OOP. The raw functions have nothing to do either. The _G bit is both redundant and plain wrong, it has nothing to do with OOP either.

I don’t think you should call this a full course yet if it lacks lots of information and instead replaces it with irrelevancies.


Done, Also thanks for annoucing me for your issue, It helps me alot!

Nice tutorial, a couple spelling errors, however we appreciate the effort you put in! Thank you, I was able to learn more.

No problem, All I just need is to give the people more information to achieve their goals.

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Now you’re able to read the article.

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Sorry for ping again, You can re-read the topic now, I’ve added what you wanted me to add, If you noticed something wrong or anything else you need to comment about, you can reply me, you helped enough to make this topic better and corrected to me some false informations I knew about the OOP.

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