Underwater effect + god rays


may I ask how you achieved that volumetric effect?


This looks amazing i love underwater stuff in roblox did you use sun ray’s for the volumetric lighting and some tree’s to get it right?

It’s so gorgeous, I wonder what this would look like in an aquatic based game…


I don’t think that it would really work water terrain is terrible in these types of situations if the aquarium is too big the fog will block the god rays and or the glass since glass blocks most of transparent effects.

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Mario 64 water world theme would go perfect with that view.

I can see where this would happen. I think it’d still be pretty cool though, if there were such an plugin or script to recreate something like this.

Sun ray’s i think for the god ray’s.

It could actually just be a tree blocking the sun ray’s from the pool to create that volumetric effect that roblox doesn’t have

They just maxed out the sunray effect. :eyes:

They are not sun rays since it has a low resolution

YO THIS IS JUST SO GOOD :star_struck: , How Did You Do It?

This looks so good!

Please tell me and everyone else how you achieved this masterpiece!