Undesirable mousewheel scrolling speed with ScrollingFrames

In the past, ScrollingFrames scrolled way too slowly when using the mouse wheel. A recent update changed it so that the scrolling speed increases exponentially if you move the mouse wheel a certain distance with constant motion. This is a nicer change, but the highest scrolling speed is wayyyy too fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is fairly difficult to reach buttons 4 and 5 with the mouse wheel because there’s such a sudden jump in scrolling speed, even with a small flick of the mouse wheel. The smaller the GUI, the harder it gets to reach the desired location.

Maybe it would be better to just keep a static scrolling speed, but increase the speed from what it was previously? (or just let the speed increase up to a more regular speed) Currently you’re able to scroll either reeeeally slowly or really fast. There’s no happy medium. Plus, almost every other PC program I’ve seen uses a fixed scrolling speed. I’m used to being able to scroll the wheel X amount to get to exactly where I want.

If you don’t understand what I mean, you can try the GUI in the attached place.


The scrollingspeed increases the longer you scroll. I vote the speed be reduced or rather the transition be more smoothed out.


I tested it again. @TheGamer101, there’s a problem in the scrolling code logic. Even if you scroll with single ticks, like “tick,tick,tick,tick” instead of a long-fast “scrooooolllll” it still jumps around.

So even when scrolling at a constant faster speed, it jumps randomly (not just based on scroll length)

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Will look into this. I think it’s better than before but the acceleration is way too strong now. I do think it should accelerate if someone really tries to scroll very fast but it is too much currently.


I have the same issue with scrollable inventory. I assume its the same bug as described here.

It feels completely broken. Its very unnatural to scroll - impossible to estimate how much you need to scroll to get where you want, difficult to track item inside scrollingframe while scrolling. Too slow as well. Horrible user experience.

I tapped into userinputservice to get mouse wheel events, and manually set the scrollingframe canvasposition based on that with following benefits:

  • Consistent scrolling speed
  • Scolling step increment can be set to align with the item size (assuming scrolling list of items). Easier to track items visually.
  • Scrolling speed fast enough to not feel annoying

Theres some minor disadvantages that might cause issues (main one being, if you drag bar with mouse and then scroll, it will jump to wherever you stopped scrolling). You might also want to check if mouse is over the scrollingframe.

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Yeah, I’m not sure why ROBLOX has chosen to stick with this strange method of scrolling acceleration. Even though the speed was slightly adjusted after I originally posted this, it’s still bad and scrolling still feels very unnatural. This behavior very often causes me to scroll right past things that I’m looking for in GUIs.

If someone wants to scroll really far, then they can just move their scroll wheel faster as they would in any other programs. Besides, it’s not like people are putting 20-page essays into ROBLOX GUIs; the sudden acceleration is unexpected and completely unnecessary in pretty much every use case.

Scrolling speed should be constant just like in pretty much any other PC program.


Or we developers could set it maybeeee?