ScrollingFrames need a ScrollSpeed/ScrollSensitivity property

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to give players an easy scrolling experience by controlling a ScrollingFrame’s amount scrolled per mouse-scroller-tick, without writing custom logic.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because ScrollingFrames would require less custom code and be less painful.

I want to scroll exactly 45 pixels each scroll-tick. Instead, it seems to scroll 135 pixels, and there doesn’t seem to be a publicly accessible built-in method of fixing this.

Here’s a file with a ScrollingFrame showcasing my issue:
scroll speed issue example.rbxm (9.6 KB)

The closest thing that might be what I’m looking for could be ScrollingFrame.ScrollVelocity, but not only is it hidden in Properties panel, it requires permission 5 to use.

The official Roblox dev docs page doesn’t have any info about it either:

Other people seem to have run into this issue aswell:

pls implement/give access
kthx for reading🤠


Hello, I’d like to follow up on this. Any solutions? It’s really annoying, but I’m not sure if it counts as a bug


Huge support, our game has some massive ScrollingFrames and more granularity with them would be appreciated.

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I have made my own scrolling frame because of this, definite support!

(God this was from 2022…)

The solution of scripting your own scrolling functionality is always an option, but that feels like a hack.
I think the most efficient workaround right now is to just resize the GUIs around this annoyingly intrusive issue.

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Please add this, it’s such a simple feature that it’s a bit ridiculous it doesn’t already exist. There are so many times where I’ve wanted to reduce the scrolling sensitivity on a scrolling frame because the default sensitivity results in it skipping past content entirely.


This suddenly blew up, but yes. Very good feature that should be added.

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Any updates on this?
I find it kind of ridiculous that the community has been asking for this since 2015 and its still not available

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