Undo (ctrl+z) is broken

Can’t believe this is a problem.

Ctrl+Z is broken. Sometimes only lets me undo a couple changes & doesn’t let me go any deeper.

Here’s a video of me duplicating some text labels, and ctrl+z not letting me undo all of them.

Something scary changed today with Studio. Ctrl+Z barely works, properties are duplicated in the Properties panel, weird behavior everywhere…


Broke for me too, no idea how to replicate. It just doesn’t work. It’s scary

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This doesn’t happen for me…

Is it just ctrl + z, or is it the undo button in the top left too?


It is happening for me too. I hope they can address and fix this soon. The issue is horrible

Everyone working on Pet Simulator 99 is having this problem

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What Runtime Undo Behaviour is causing this issue to happen?

I tried to reproduce it in order to see if a workaround was possible, but can’t seem to reproduce it.

What beta features, if any, are active? It’s possible one of them is causing the issue.

This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue and will start investigating, we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!

I can’t reproduce this. Does this happen to you on an empty baseplate?

I cannot replicate on an empty base plate. I can replicate on our PS99 workspace. I can only CTRL+Z 2-3 times like David’s video shows in the OP.

Thank you. Hoping we can get this resolved asap as it really effects productivity. We keep having to restore from backup for the most simple things. Working on UI is nearly impossible.

It would help if you could grant access to the place, potentially without scripts, but I totally understand if that is not something you can do. Apart from that, can you see if you can bisect this in some way? As in, delete half the PS99 place, publish and reopen, see if Ctrl+Z works, and go from there? We really cannot do much without a repro :frowning:

Hi, @MintyUltra and @DevelopmentDeadline have access to the place. Can it be done through their access? Thank you

I’m experiencing this too, really frustrating.

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Yep, I know them–I’ll see what I can do. Thank you!

Good news! I’m able to reproduce this on the PS99 place. I will investigate :saluting_face:

One thing I noticed is that when Ctrl+Z doesn’t work, if I click the undo button in the top left, it will work for the rest of the session. Do you observe the same behavior?

Ok, so I may be confused on my repro. My repro ended up just being that the explorer search is focused when I Ctrl+Z. If I just click again to get out of it after duplicating it works. I assume that’s not the case for you?

Great, glad you were able to get on the place.

CTRL+Z and the top left button have the same issue for me.

I am not engaged in explorer search.

Here is an example:

External Media


It seems for anything I do it seems the history is limited to 3 undos.

Let me know if you want me to test anything specific!


I noticed this was linked from the OP on a thread about Team Create. Can you repro this WITHOUT Team Create? Non-TC is how I’ve been testing so far

Not sure how or if it is safe to turn off team create on PS99. I don’t know if I have perms and can get everyone to stop working, etc.

Does this happen when it’s only you in the game?