Undo Feature for Audit Logs on Groups

Hey there!

I’ve noticed that a lot of groups have recently had abusive high ranks. So, I’m going to make this thread easy:

I request the creation of an undo button on Audit Logs for the owner of groups. If there is a mass derank, the owner of the group can simply click “undo” and it’ll rank a user right back where they were. If there is a mass exile, the owner of the group can simply click “undo” and (if the exiled user has group space), they will be replaced in the group.

I can’t think of many downsides with this feature, only upsides… but I do believe it’d be a great feature!


I was about to say, what if someone abuses the undo button, but I didn’t notice the owner only statement.

Good idea, can’t think of a con.

It could also be given as it’s own permission, it’d make miscellaneous have more than just “view audit log”.

Of course if that happens, it’d show in Audit Log as “____ undid ____.” or something of that nature!

Adding a user back to a group after they’ve been exiled seems like a bad idea. If users are mass-exiled, a group may lose a sizeable amount of members just due to lack of group space (i.e. someone is in 7 groups from when they had BC, but no longer have it, so they couldn’t be re-added without BC). A more appropriate solution would be for them to not be exiled in the first place.

Otherwise an undo feature for group admin action would be helpful.

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How would you undo the undo? On top of that, it’ll spam the audit logs even more :frowning:

As a Roblox group holder, it is currently impossible to revert back to how things were if let’s say one of your group admins betrays you and ranks everyone to a specific rank. You’d have to rank everyone back to their old ranks and that’s very difficult.

My suggestion is that roblox will add an option to revert back to how things were when it comes to group ranking based on the hours of the day, let’s say I want to revert to how things were 24 hours ago, I’d have an option to do so and it will show up in audits (All of the changes after I revert).

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