Undocumented change to Catalog API subcategories

Reproduction Steps
“Classic” clothing had their subcategories changed making the current documentation incorrect, and the new subcategories undocumented.

“TShirts” became “ClassicTShirts” moving from subcategory 13 to 55.
“Shirts” became “ClassicShirts” moving from subcategory 12 to 56.
“Pants” became “ClassicPants” moving from subcategory 14 to 57.
“Gears” transitioned to category “Accessories” moving from category 5 to 11. Breaking the example search.

Likewise, as an addition, “Jackets” is added to subcategory 61; and a potentially new feature is that queries can be made via their string name.

i.e. https://catalog.roblox.com/v1/search/items/details?category=Clothing&subcategory=ClassicShirts&Limit=30

Referencing the API with the deprecated indexes that are currently documented result in an error 400; I can only presume a new generation of clothing will be replacing the old indexes (but knowing Roblox, likely in a different order than the classic clothing). I’ve likely missed a few other changes; so feel free to reply with other changes.

Expected Behavior
Documented subcategories to be up to date and reflect new subcategory indexes; example queries should not give error response codes.

Actual Behavior
Requests such as

Return an error 400:

Use the modified category and subcategories as listed above, or reference the Roblox website’s Avatar Shop for the correct queries.

Issue Area: DevHub Website
Page URL: Catalog APIs
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hi @BixbyAlan - Just wanted to close the loop here. The documentation page you referenced has been updated a while back with some of your callouts, and the broken samples should work now.

I’m working with the team to verify subcategories and maintain any changes, which I expect should be updated in the near future.

Appreciate the feedback! Please create a new report if any other issues persist. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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