(Un)equipping tools is laggy for rendering tool model

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open a Baseplate place (any other works too, no Tool-Related scripts)
  2. Create a Part and name it “Handle”
  3. Parent the Part to a Tool and then parent the Tool to StarterPack
  4. Equip/unequip tool and check results

Seems to be more impactful in Studio, but still happens on Client as well.

Expected Behavior

All tools should behave normally and not laggy when equipped or unequipped.

Actual Behavior

Tools’ models are still being rendered a few seconds after unequipping, or invisible after equipping.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 29.09.2022
Date Last Experienced:


We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for the report!


Don’t know if this is related to the bug but I believe it is…

In my game when equipping tools or unequipping tools I get a huge spike lag and no, I am not doing anything expensive on performance. The code doesn’t do anything if the player equips/unequips. I can say this bug only happens to me when players are riding “vehicles” affected by Constraints. (The player is seated as you can see)

Me when doing nothing:

Me when equipping the tool: (The duration is longer but since I changed to the snipping tool it stopped soon)

Could you please provide a microprofiler dump? You can find how to do that here: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

It seems I don’t need to do that since the tool showed in the video is not laggy anymore. Thanks for fixing it!