Uneven light reflectance Problem

Hi, so I have just got into building and I was making the terrain for my game, and even though I have set all reflectance off it is still reflecting different light, what I did do is change the Y axis on some parts so there isnt any Z fighting but I don’t know how to make it so it doesnt show the parts in game.


Parts that are really close to each other have a tendency to overlap with each other when the camera is zoomed out. This is probably a way to optimize rendering by rounding up part positions when they are far away.

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I would recommend breaking all those parts into 4 unions and that could maybe fix your problem.

No but when I go into the game to test from a normal play perspective you can see it.

Okay I will try that, Hopefully it works

I’ve noticed this seems to be the case on lower graphics levels. Try turning the graphics quality up in the Studio settings (and in-game settings, as they’re separate).

Lowest graphics level.

Highest graphics level.