Uneven Lighting Issue In Blender

The issue is that I’m currently trying to make a pipe for my game, but there is this very noticeable lighting issue where half of my pipe has a different lighting effect than the other half. This is what I mean.
Screenshot 2022-10-02 205145
If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. Thank you.

Edit: I was making another build in blender and also noticed the same issue

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This is due to vertices not having auto-smooth. Turning it on will fix this issue.

Did you split the pipe for any reason?
If you look at it in Edit mode do you have doubled up vertices, where one face isn’t joined to the next one and it leaves a shadow or sharp edge.
Select all the Vertices and go to the Mesh > Clean up > Merge vertices tool. I think the default value is .0001, but I usually change it to .003 when I make a Mesh.

Is this something you created in Blender, or exported from Roblox to Blender? You may want to go onto one of the many Blender forums or tutorials for an answer to your question.

@SubtotalAnt8185, the two meshes already had auto-smooth on.
@Scottifly, both meshes are a single part, except the first mesh was joined with another mesh. I have no doubled vertices and when I try the merge vertices tool It says “Removed 0 vertice (s)”. I made both meshes on blender and noticed the issue happening in studio too.

go to edit more with wireframe rendering and delete one side of the pipe, and add mirror modifier, maybe this can help :thinking: