Unexpected roblox crash

I am having a very serious issue concerning the usage of Roblox.
I cannot run roblox, for everytime I try to run a game, it crashes while leaving a message box saying something that goes along the lines of “An unexpected error has occured, Roblox has crashed”.
I am asking for a solution to this uncanny problem. Here is the log file to assist to your understanding
0.578.0.5780566_20230620T234411Z_Player_C10D5_last.log (6.7 KB)


Hello. Some solutions here might help solve your issue. If you find one that works, reply here with the linked relevant post and mark as solution.

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Have you tried reinstalling roblox?

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Hello Math2127,

Thank you for contacting us. As @SubtotalAnt8185 mentioned, please check out this post, especially Strategy Three. If you can provide us with a full crash dump, we should be able to diagnose the issue relatively quickly.

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I’ve done what was mentionned on Strategy Three, here is the crash dump :
HYPD905 (mediafire.com)

Additionally, here is the log file:
log_C6259 0, 591, 0, 5910633.Client (mediafire.com)

Sorry for the late answer.

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Hello Math2127,

Thank you for the crash dump. The dump indicates that the boot integrity check failed. This can happen if either your OS was booted in developer mode or if your machine is otherwise compromised, for example, by a root kit.


Sorry for the bother, can you elaborate that in more detail. Like does that mean my computer has malicious malware installed? And what kind of solutions do you suggest?

Hello again,

I have found something that could potentially help, allow me to elaborate.
When I turn on my computer and completely launch it, the audio does NOT work, and to fix it I have to go through these specific instructions : https://youtu.be/vLYvNY5fPiY?si=K6LMdhJgM-fSfqaj

Now hear me out on this part. BEFORE doing these steps to fix the audio, ROBLOX works just fine. But as soon as I do them just like in the video, the audio gets fixed, but roblox just doesnt open anymore.
I hope this could help as a lead.

Hello Math2127,

Thank you for the additional information. Hyperion does not allow the client to be executed when Driver Signature Enforcement is disabled (Developer mode), as system integrity cannot be verified without it. This is by design. If possible, perhaps you can find updated/properly signed audio drivers so you don’t have to switch the machine into developer mode. Running a machine in developer mode is very risky to begin with, as the system has a much harder time identifying potentially malicious software.

Hi again,
You were absolutely right. The problem is related to the Driver Signature Enforcement. When its enabled, Roblox works fine, when its disabled Roblox doesn’t open. But now here’s another twist: If it’s enabled then I can run Roblox but I won’t hear any audio from the entire computer, and if it’s disabled then I won’t run Roblox but I would hear the computer’s audio. Is there anything you suggest me to do here? I feel like we’re very close to the solution now.

Check if there are newer audio drivers available. Drivers not being signed is very unusual, and manufacturers typically fix this issue rather quickly.