Unexpected Teleportation to Private Servers from Roblox Website / App

When players attempt to join a public server on the Roblox website by clicking the “Play” button, they are unexpectedly being redirected to newly created private servers instead. This occurs when players are joining their own private servers and somehow pulling others from the public server queue when they hit “Play” (NOT joining private servers)

This issue happens a lot more frequently of the time when we’re hitting our peak player count for the day. This results in players not being aware they’re being put into private servers because they simply hit the Play button from the app / website and results into them thinking the experience is just plain and boring with nothing to do and no one to engage with.

This affects our retention and obviously affects our player count.

Game: [UPDATE!] Boxing Beta! 🥊 - Roblox

Expected behavior

Joining your own private server should basically mean it’s private.

Players hitting “Play” from the website / app should put you into public servers and not into people’s private servers.


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This might line up with the Avatar Auto Setup matchmaking issues, when you’re using an account in the beta it teleports you to a random, usually empty server. There’s a chance that those could be private servers, but I haven’t done enough testing to figure that out.

We’ve been seeing reports of this issue in Blade Ball for the last 5 days. It seems to also affect teleports - when a player is teleported to another place in our game, they’re sometimes randomly teleported to a different reserved server which disrupts many features in the game such as duel matches and competitive ranked matches which rely on only specific players having access to these reserved servers.

Thanks for the report. We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!

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Thanks for reporting this. The issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you see otherwise

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