Unexplainable errors

Hi. I have a card game (100% GUI) called Meme Maker, with 2 million sessions in the last 6 weeks or so. I have been checking the dashboard provided by Roblox and see lots of things on their error report that make no sense to me. Does anyone know what these errors mean? Should I be worried about these errors? Note: There are 2 errors I am familiar with that DO make sense to me: PlayerGui.Winner.LocalScript:59: attempt to compare number < nil AND addPoints was called with an invalid player or UserId is missing. Everything else is a mystery to me and does’t seem to have anything to do with my 100% GUI card game.

Thanks in advance for your help



The error message “Failed to load sound: Unable to download sound data” typically occurs when the game client is unable to fetch the sound data from the Roblox servers. Do you have any sounds in your game, and if so, are any of them not working?

The error message “MechContentProvider failed to process asset because ‘could not fetch’” typically occurs in Roblox when there’s an issue with retrieving or processing a specific asset from the Roblox servers. Since your game is 100% Gui, my guess is that one of the images in you Gui game isn’t loading properly or is no longer available.

all the sounds seem to be working well

If the sounds are all working well, then I don’t think that error is something to be too concerned about.

First of all, this should probably go in scripting support, but second, have you trie looking in the. scripts for any typos/errors at all? These seem pretty explainable.

These errors are not from any of my scripts and have nothing to do with my game

The rest are all roblox errors/warns. don’t worry about them