Unexplained lag and shadows not working

Hi! I’ve been having some issues that I have no idea how to fix.
My game Moo has recently gotten lag spikes out of nowhere. The game worked smoothly until we published a new update, everything started to lag heavily. After reverting the game to a previous version, the lagging kept happening.
The only new thing we added was script related and not anything new visual wise.
We tweaked with castShadow, canTouch and renderFidelity, it helped a bit but for some reason we get lag spikes when you do an action (picking up items etc).

With the lag we also got shadow issues. This is how it looks in studio:

But this is how it looks ingame:

As you can see the shadows arent there and the models look like plastic. We use Future and not shadowmap btw.
I have a good pc and everything worked perfectly until a week ago.

Is there anything new in studio I’ve missed?

The reason your build looks better in studio then in game in terms of rendered shadows is probably because you have your studio quality set to 21, which is actually higher then what ROBLOX gives players the ability to go up to. It happened to me a while back with particles.

also if your cow is texture mapped, you can change it from smooth plastic material to leaf instead and you get the roughness/anti reflection of the leaf material but the same physical smooth look texture that is applied in the texture ID of the mesh.

about the lag, check the tri count on your trees. if its anymore then 1k might be kinda insane.
those flowers if there individual meshes might be performance heavy too.

the thing is the game itself has looked exactly like studio before. Take these for example. These are previous images from the game itself. The models doesnt look plastic and the shadows appear.

The game has worked perfectly before last week even with all the trees and flowers. I am aware of material change. If if wont go back to normal I’ll have to do that, but normally the plastic material wouldnt look glossy which it now does and is an issue.

is there any reason to use future? did you try using shadowmap?

Check if the quality is at maximum on Roblox, because on Roblox Studio the default quality is higher than on Roblox.

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default studio quality is set to automatic

Yes but Roblox Studio’s default is 21 and Roblox default is 10

21 in studio is same as 10 in roblox, roblox has the same 21 levels that can be accesed by hacks, roblox just picked 10 sections instead of 21, because it’s just simplier

:thinking: Are you sure ? I don’t knew it but ok.

yeah im totally sure in that, but i’m not sure if you can find that in core graphics settings script :face_with_monocle:

Ok I’ll check later but I trust you

Could you show us output because there could be too many scripts trying to do stuff at the same time which could be causing lag

We use a small light effect that can only be achieved with Future

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everything is maxed out to my knowledge on both studio and roblox

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are u using light so it’s reflected on material?

what do you mean ? Im using roblox default lighting if thats what u mean

i mean are you using lights to create these yellow effect in grass

ooh yes i am. Future lighting and a transparent part with lights above and under