Unfiltered chat in private games

I am experiencing problems with filtering a custom chat using TextService. I don’t think i need help with it, but I want to be sure that I don’t get terminated if I publish the game and make it private.

Is it okay if the chat is not filtered in a private game?

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I prefer to filter chat and don’t mess with it- anything can happen and ROBLOX is very strict with privacy and safety for children- IMO don’t mess with it even though it’s a private game.

I just want to publish it for a while and see the output in Console and then fix the error.

The game WILL get shut down if you don’t filter the chat, it’s happend to me before with old scripts

Okay thanks.
local FilteredText
local FilteredString

	local success, errormessage = pcall(function()
		FilteredText = TextService:FilterStringAsync(Message, MessageInfo.Data.SenderId)
	if success then
		local success2, errormessage2 = pcall(function()
			FilteredString = FilteredText:GetChatForUserAsync(MessageInfo.Data.ReceiverId)
		if success2 then
			DirectMessage:FireClient(game.Players[ReceiverName], Message, Players:GetNameFromUserIdAsync(MessageInfo.Data.SenderId))

also could anyone tell me wht is wrong in this script? i dont get any errors in the console.

Okay i see the error… I am dumb and forgot to change the ‘Message’ to ‘FilteredString’ in the FireClient function.