Unfinished Admin Panel

Admin Panel UI Feedback

Hi! I recently made a quick and simple admin panel, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback. I used things that were unfamiliar to me such as UIGradients, UICorners, and more.


Additionally, how can I go about making the UIs the same size on all screen sizes? I tried to find the answer on various sites, but most of the answers were confusing to me.
I’m using ScreenGuis, Frames, ImageLabels, TextLabels, and TextButtons.

UPDATE: I got the UIs to be the same size on all screens. Thank you to those who helped me with this!

this panel is unfinished
Thanks in advance!

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I would maybe add a black border around the outside of the whole thing to give it a little more detail. It looks pretty good now, so keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback! I don’t think the color black would fit in with this color scheme, but I’ll see what darker shades of purple/pink look like as a border.

Once again, I appreciate your feedback.


Oh yeah, you’re actually right. A darker purple would look better as a border than a black one.



I fixed the offset and scale of the ImageButtons, but the TextLabels and TextButtons seem to not be scaling properly.

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looks pretty good
i have to say

I think this is a great use of gradients and I love how the theme is consistent throughout the UI. You could improve the contrasts, as the gradients and white are both bright colors, I’d darken the gradients a little.
Also, I’d use the gradient as a background for the entire UI and change the headings to white, so there’d be more whitespace.

You can use UIAspectRatioConstraints to maintain the panel’s size ratio on varying screen sizes. Here’s a great tutorial on designing for different devices: Tips for Positioning and Sizing UI Elements Easily and Efficiently

I think it’s already great that you made effort to experiment outside your knowledge! Keep up the great work. :+1:


Thanks for the feedback and help!

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I honestly think it’s amazing! Do you do commisions?