Unfinished elevator I'm in the process of making, thoughts?

keep in mind I haven’t added some core parts of an elevator yet


That looks quite nice, before I comment on anything, may I have the context on the type of game this may be?

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it’s similar to regretevator + Elevator: Source for GMod

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Looks very cool. I like the floor and roof designs.

Why did you decide to texture the railing to make it rusty? It seems a bit out of place because the rest of the elevator looks brand new.

Also, I know you said that the elevator was still missing some key parts, but I didn’t know if you knew that it was missing a floor selection panel.

Other than that, it looks great.


Thanks for the feedback! I was aware about the panel btw


Looking pretty good! Very uniquely designed. :+1:
I don’t really understand why the handles are rusty as the rest of the elevator looks fairly new, or why the light is on a hanging brown wire.
And, realistically (this is half-serious), I’m not sure if concrete walls would be a good idea for an elevator unless it has a very, very high load capacity.
But, of course this is less important, and the concrete might just represent another material of similar texture.