[UnFinished] How does my lobby look and fit the theme?

Im making an obby game with the theme relating “Kings/Queens”, I cant go in too much detail.

I have a couple questions about my Lobby[UnFinished]:
1. How does my lobby fit that theme?
2. How can I improve it more to match that theme?
3. If you joined this game, would the lobby quality give you a good impression to stay and play?

Here is the lobby:

All of this is made in Studio.

Any feedback is welcomed, thank you.

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Besides the chairs (which I assume are unfinished) I would add more detail to the stairs. Besides that, it looks great!

the dimensions of the build dont seem accomodated for the player, trying rescaling the map with a dummy reference, a lot of the spacing and the placement of the structures makes it look off and misaligned

the windows also look out of place, they dont have a clear frame of reference like the pillars

the floor textures also have no sense of consistency, it changes and some of them cut off at unusual locations

but thats enough of the off topic stuff

  1. not sure, the chairs and the random guard standing there can contribute to it

  2. the wall texture make it look more like a warehouse than a royal palace, if you want to go with the theme of kings and queens take some inspiration from medieval places, even the stereotypical interpretations

  3. I personally could excuse the lobby quality whether its good or bad but if the gameplay is unsatisfying I would leave, but that’s just me. there are a diverse amount of opinions you could get

the lobby seems very empty you should add some background props