Unfinished TPS Trailer, Feedback please

The trailer should actually show gameplay, not only text.

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Not his render, its a google image from TDS on roblox


^ everything you said is true ^

This is just a plagarized essay more than a trailer

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Did you guys bother reading the backstory.
I think not

There is backstory on why,
This is the future, after all the armys were defeated, they had nothing to do, Commader’s Second Line
was gonna say “Its Time to retire” until being inturupted on his Radio, Hence why he is now shocked
so the empoly some people, which are really good at fighting, due to it being called “Tower Protecc sim”

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Yes, but the Commander render is owned by Tower Defense Simulator/Below Natural


Yeah but did you get permission to use their OST or use the GFX in the video? Even if there is backstory that doesn’t excuse using others work…

Only way that would work is if it was a game like

“TDS Roleplay”, which at least will bring players to TDS

When I was reading TPS I was expecting
Third Person Shooter
Tower Protecc Simulator
:joy: :joy:

I highly suggest you fix the spelling and grammatical errors in this trailer, and this trailer has no doesn’t feature the product, which is kind of the point of a trailer. You should also use a different video editing software that doesn’t show a large watermark. ClipChamp is a good one I use.

Multiple grammatical errors:
Screenshot 2021-08-25 034952