Unfinished TPS Trailer, Feedback please

please give feeback, and sorry for water mark


so blunt, that i dont even understand, you did not even give me tips on how to improve

and its not the qualtity is bad, its the images

Just gonna start with this, trailers have to be less than 30 seconds to be approved for a ROBLOX game.

Best of luck.


Might want to fix this spelling mistake before you release it:

Anyways, this trailer doesn’t show any gameplay or anything, which is kinda the the point of a trailer. If I clicked on your game and watched the trailer I probably wouldn’t know anything new about the game then what I started with. A trailer should show gameplay and explain what it is through <30s of footage. 3/10.


WonderShare Filmora
Anyways it isnt good

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Problem No.1: Filmora, filmora has a massive watermark and it blocks some of the trailer. I would highly reccomend Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas.
Problem No.2: Using 144p images from the tds wiki don’t work when they are so big.
Problem No.3: The text transitions are (appear and disappear) lame. on top of that the fact that the trailer is very quiet and also shows no gameplay, if you added more audio and gameplay footage it would look much much better.


@jurassicraptorjacob i have the software bought but im not on a compatible pc
@Pancake1824 i agree fully
@synical4 yes

Hmm… All I see are words and I am pretty sure trailers are supposed to have animations or action in them. Maybe record players playing your game using freecam (Shift+P) and then make a compilation of it. Many viewers will get bored seeing words.

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as i said unfisihed but thanks!

oh, in that case try to buy full filmora pack

It’s a icon from a diffrent popular game, with a watermark, its just text, and


I mean to improve, maybe an actual trailer of gameplay and not text with commander from TDS

okay here i go again

There is backstory on why,
This is the future, after all the armys were defeated, they had nothing to do, Commader's Second Line
was gonna say "Its Time to retire" until being inturupted on his Radio, Hence why he is now shocked
so the empoly some people, which are really good at fighting, due to it being called "Tower Protecc sim"

renders are good but you need animation gameplay stuff like that

Pretty sure @Phoqus didn’t permit you to use the TDS OSTs.

oops, yet i see videos from elite using:

  • Molten Doom
  • Frost Spirit’s Theme
  • Grave Diggers Theme
    Even Fallen King’s Theme

They aren’t going to copyright strike a youtuber who is bringing thousands of players to their experience.

makes since, also its unfinished so i’ll remoive the ost.

Yes, you’re gonna want gameplay, but you can also have those talking bits in there as well, without that Tower defense sim cop talking, as it would make it look like a complete copy of that game. Check out this video for some better pointers: How to Make an Indie Game Trailer - YouTube


In my honest opinion, this trailer is a disaster.

  • Music is stolen
  • GFX is stolen
  • Plain white text on a black background as words
  • No hype or any previews of the game
  • More of a credits than a trailer
  • Longer than 30 seconds