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About Us

’Our Moment’

"To stand against corruption, we seek unification."

:black_small_square:[About Unification]:black_small_square:

[Unification] is a historic coalition that was established back in 2014 to participate in the upcoming wars involving the entire community. Since then, [Unification] has withstood the test of time and remained a staple of what coalitions are truly about. [Unification] now acts as both a War Coalition and Community Group. What does that mean? The term ‘War Coalition’ implies that the entire coalition and all of its associated clans are able to send out an offensive and defensive force to aid the associated clans or launch a massive invasion on selected targets. The term ‘Community Group’ refers to groups such as War Clans of ROBLOX, Sword Clan Community, Clan Community Studios and so on. This allows us to establish a community that’s willing to assist one another in any way possible while still being able to act as a destructive force of unimaginable power. Of course we won’t be like every other community group since we will find a balance between the two concepts. However, we’re more than open to new ideas and ways to help out the community.

:black_small_square:[Our Objective]:black_small_square:

Personally, I love the community deeply, especially the smaller clans. My main objective is to bring together all the groups willing to aid one another during desperate times. With this goal in mind, I’ve made a lot of close friends by simply lending a hand. Some of my closest and most loyalest of allies were smaller clans that I decided to protect and/or assist. I really do think it’s worth a shot in bringing everyone together to try to help one another. It never hurts to try. Therefore, [Unification] is back with a new purpose. I’ve always been very proud of our community and how far along it has come. Through the 7 long years of leading TDW, it’s always been a pleasure meeting new people and making friends along the way. This is just one of those moments. Our moment.

Signed by the following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia, Uniter of [Unification].

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